Business and Finance IT

Technology Standards

Email / Calendar / Document Storage

GoogleApps – provides Gmail, Calendar and Docs/Drive for all campus personnel. Enterprise features and nearly unlimited storage make it usable in any situation. Mobile access ensures access wherever you are.

Webconferencing / Online Meetings

Adobe Connect – Adobe Connect is an online webconferencing / meeting service that can be used for conferences requiring audio, video, screen-sharing and conference phone capabilities.

Google Hangouts – an extension of the GoogleApps service. It includes audio, video and text chat for up to 10 people.

Live Chat / Instant Communication

Google Chat / Talk – an instant messaging client built right into Gmail. Use it to converse in real-time with any other faculty, staff or student on campus.

Narrated Presentations (PowerPoint)

SlideRocket – a service offered through GoogleApps. It allows for online creation of high-impact visual presentations, including voice narration.

Website Creation and Building

Google Sites – allows you to easily create a website without any coding knowledge. It is included as part of the GoogleApps services. It is also the campus standard if you would like to build your own personal faculty/staff webpage.

Other Services / Products for Media Delivery

USG Podcasting Server – The Podcasting server can be used to deliver subscription-based video and audio files. Integration with mobile devices and folio is also possible.

YouTube – Part of the GoogleApps services, all faculty and staff have a YouTube account by default. YouTube is a great way to host tutorials, research videos and other media for outside viewing.

Survey / Data Collection Tools

Qualtrics – Qualtrics provides powerful research tools through the use of surveys.

Google Docs/Drive – GoogleApps provides a simply survey tool to quickly and easily collect data.

Statistical Analysis

Microsoft Excel – Part of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), it provides out-of-the-box analysis and data management tools. It is standard on all PC computers on campus.

Need more specific applications? Check out all the campus site licensed software.

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