Business and Finance IT


The System Administration team handles much of the behind the scenes operations that keep Business and Finance operations running. If a system goes down, whether it is for maintenance or the result of a system failure, you can count on the fact that we are aware and working to resolve the issue. The most common services we offer are listed below.

System Backup

Ensuring that your data is safe, and secure, our team is responsible for maintaining and verifying that regular, periodic backups are being taken from each system. In the event of a hardware or software failure, these backups will help us rebuild your system in a timely manner.

System Updates

Keeping your systems up-to-date protects them from vulnerabilities that hackers and other malicious coders may use to gain access to your protected data. Our team works to ensure that the patches and updates that are installed are vetted and installed in a manner that allows us to remove them, should an update cause issues with any vendor supplied software. Such updates are generally scheduled during our normal maintenance window, so as to avoid interrupting your business operations unnecessarily. Occasionally, an emergency update is required, however, in those cases we will always send an email before bringing the system down for repairs.

Server Virtualization

Advancements in virtualization technology over the years have provided IT with the means to run more services and systems off of less hardware. This means that your system may no longer need a dedicated physical machine to run your software. While virtualization does have limits, the cost barriers to adding a new physical machine can now be shared across the division, as can the resources of the virtual environment.

System Upkeep and Administration

With systems in place to monitor server activity, our team makes sure that your servers are up and running when you need them, and that the physical or virtual requirements of your systems are met. The activity monitoring allows us to prioritize available resources to high use / high volume systems, while providing ample resources to every system. This keeps each system running at optimal conditions.

Database Administration

We work closely with the Business and Finance Database administrator on backing up, maintaining, and prioritizing database resources.

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